5 Benefits for Restaurants from Using a Kitchen Display

For decades restaurants have been using kitchen printers to communicate between the dining room and kitchen. Still already for several years digital kitchen displays with touch screens have been in active use by top restaurants.

What are the 5 benefits for restaurants from using a kitchen display?

The kitchen and the dining room are directly connected.

The communication between a restaurant kitchen and dining room should be as quick and direct as possible. This makes it possible to notify a client early on about possible longer waiting time or that any dish in the menu is not available. All orders go straight to the kitchen display and the cooks can inform the waiters about possible waiting times.

The waiting time can be surprisingly short.

Although people count on some time while they decide to go to eat into a restaurant, no one still likes to wait too long. You can shorten the waiting time when a waiter can ask the orders from several tables without a need to walk into the kitchen in between but the cooks get the information from them online to their kitchen screen. CompuCash POS app in the tablet or mobile is a great too for your waiters. The order from the app goes straight to your bar or kitchen screen and you can surprise your guests with their drinks arriving to them at a time when you still finalise taking their food order.

5 benefits for restaurants from using a kitchen display are the following:

1. A kitchen display saves time

In case of checks printed from a kitchen printer a cook has to set them into a sequence then on the kitchen display these are already sorted according to your logic. One can read the information from the screen from some distance and it is smoother to handle it by touchscreen.

2. From the kitchen display one can send the needed information back to the waiters

When a dish gets ready a cook can make a double clock on the kitchen display and the relevant waiter gets the notification immediately with a chef’s hat icon or through a pager.

3. The kitchen display calculates the amount of ingredients needed for a cook.

In addition to the concrete dishes ordered the display also shows you the summary amounts needed over all dishes in the queue. So the cooks can see that for example six veal steaks are in the list.

4. The kitchen display shows the dishes based on the courses and approximate time they need to be ready.  

The screen displays the dishes grouped by the courses. Waiters can also add information about the time the cooks need to have the next course ready. The notification come to the kitchen with a chosen sound signal and the next course will be marked red on the screen.

5. The kitchen display makes it possible to get valuable statistics.

CompuCash generates a report where you can find out what is the average time of the dishes to be prepared.

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