A Case Study of self-service points-of-sale in the Tallinn Zoo

Tallinn Zoo is hosting more than 400,000 visitors per year. Most of its 2 million euro turnover comes from the ticket sales and most of it during the summer months.

Why did the Zoo decide to use the self-service point-of-sale?

In July 2017 more than 100,000 people visited the zoo of Tallinn. This means that on a nice summer day 20,000 people are purchasing the tickets to get to the zoo.  The ticket sales takes place in its two gates, northern and western gate.

This kind of massive ticket sales and in two locations puts the service quality and point-of-sale technology for tickets under high pressure.

What change did the self-service point of sale bring?

In order to reduce the queues in their two gates Tallinn Zoo has purchased a self-service point-of-sale into their both gates. So the visitor can choose how to buy their tickets – with a bank card from the self-service stall or with cash or bank card from the traditional point-of-sale.

According to Kristi Samuel, who is responsible for ticket sales in the Zoo of Tallinn, the self-service points-of-sale have proved their usefulness.

The biggest advantages of the self-service point-of-sale are the following:

  • User interface in four languages: Estonian, English, Russian and Finnish;
  • One can pay with a usual bank card and also with swiping;
  • The self-service point-of-sale can be built into a wall (similar to the cash machines) or have it standing alone as a stall inside or outside;
  • The point-of-sale system (CompuCash) can be integrated for example with business software programme;
  • The user interface of the self-service point-of-sale is easy and reliable;
  • The point-of-sale system administrator can create new and change the existing product names and prices, and one can also sell reduced price campaign tickets.

Thanks to the self-service points of sale, the time for selling one ticket has definitely decreased, and thanks to the integration with a business software, the effectiveness of passing the needed document to the book-keeping has increased considerably.  

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