A Customer Story with Põhjala Tap Room

Põhjala tap room is a thrilling enterprise. If you haven’t been on their tour yet, then we’d warmly recommend to take that into your plans.

In addition to the option to try local beers, you can also purchase some beers and souvenirs from their store and enjoy life in their spacious beer restaurant on the 1st floor. And that’s not all – you can also rent a sauna while the restaurant is open.

Which point of sale system to choose?

Põhjala has moved its production into a new tap room in North Tallinn Noblessner port quarter in December 2018. In addition to the tap room, filling line and shop also the Põhjala Tap Room restaurant is located there.

Photo by Renee Altrov

Photo by Renee Altrov

“We started to look for a suitable point of sale system for our shop and restaurant quite early. About four to five months before opening we decided on behalf of Ektaco’s point of sale system, called CompuCash and we also went through their training,” explains the restaurant manager, Kristi.

The decision to choose CompuCash was easy to make and was done quickly as there aren’t plenty of choices that are suitable nicely for both: a shop and a restaurant.

Photo by Renee Altrov

Photo by Renee Altrov

Kristi points out that CompuCash is special thanks to the option to add recipes into the system that are straight connected with the stock. This makes management of the restaurant much more effective.

What are the biggest advantages of CompuCash?

The needs of a restaurant and café for a point of sale system are quite different from the needs of a sports club or a hotel. This means that while choosing a point of sale system you need to carefully think through your business expectations and needs.

Photo by Renee Altrov

CompuCash is one of the most widely used point of sale systems in restaurants on the following reasons:  

  • A fast POS
  • A convenient recipe administration
  • Easy to use kitchen display
  • An option to split a bill
  • A thorough system for discounts
  • An option to take orders from tables with a mobile or tablet

If you are interested to know more about CompuCash? Please read from here: https://compucash.lv/en/point-of-sale-systems/

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