The CompuCash POS system for shops can be integrated with various web shops, compile sales and purchase forecasts, manage inventories, print price tags and perform many other functions necessary in retail environments.

  • Cash registers
  • Inventory management
  • Customer management
  • Mobile devices
  • Video surveillance

Valuable opportunities

  • Purchase and sales forecasts based on sales history The CompuCash POS system prepares purchase and sales forecasts based on your sales history to allow smarter planning and cost savings. You can conveniently manage your inventories by setting minimum quantities that are required to avoid disruptions, and set up automated orders for stocking up.

  • Sales using bar codes, bar code generation, price tag design and printing. The POS system helps you design and print bar codes, price labels and price tags, and supports label printers, incl. 2D (QR) and various bar code technologies.

  • Portable data terminals. Ektaco offers portable data terminals (PDT) that can be used for inventory taking, purchase orders and inspection purposes.

  • Interfaces for web shops. You can sell your products online using our interfaces for Magento and WooCommerce web shop solutions or our interface for databases (API).

  • Loyalty cards. Further, you can offer loyalty cards or register loyal customers using their ID card. The CompuCash POS system allows using loyalty cards that collect bonus points and provide related discounts. Information on loyal customers is easy to manage and your marketing division can use the CRM module to conduct campaigns or make targeted offers.

  • Scale solutions. Label printing scales, integrated POS scales, self-service scales. If you sell candies, vegetables or other goods by weight, the POS system calculates the price automatically based on the weight measured.


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    CompuCash is designed to simplify sales processes, avoid loss of money and goods, control and monitor your business, integrate your work flows, and enable optimal customer service.
    CompuAccess is a convenient solution for planning work schedules and measuring actual work time that includes automated functions as well as detailed functions for different types of work. Meaningful reports for making smart decisions and providing valuable input for payroll accounting.
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