Local shop at Neeme Village

The idyllic coastal village is home to Neeme Shop and Café where the staff posted an interesting story about the arrival of CompuCash.

  • Seats for 36 customers
  • Banquet hall for 50-60 people

The owner lost his marbles. One day he walked in and said that he will bring “combed cash” to the shop. That’s nice - I thought to myself - and began to think where to put all this fluffy pile of cash. When the delivery arrived, I was afraid to touch the box at first. But my curiosity got the better of me so I peeked inside. And saw something white. “Come on, let me do it!” said the owner. He put his hand in the box and pulled out a white thing with lots of cables. It sure as hell wasn’t a pile of cash. I asked him what it was. And said that this is not “combed cash”. “What combed cash?” asked the owner. “This is CompuCash, our new cash register!”

The CompuCash POS system is the perfect tool for shops and cafés. The POS system allows serving customers in the Neeme Shop as well as the Neeme Café.

  • The local shop at Neeme Village uses CompuCash as a single POS system to cater for the needs of the shop and the café.
  • CompuCash uses the compact ELO Paypoint where the touchscreen, receipt printer and cash drawer are all integrated.
  • The POS system is linked to a scale to sell products by weight easily.

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