Muhu Bakers

There is a saying that time rests on Muhu Island. But the island is also home to many active and enterprising people. So, a small bakery was set up in Liiva Village in 2013, and over the past five years it has grown and expanded rapidly. Today, you can buy Muhu bread in dozens of bakeries and grocery stores across Estonia.

  • CompuCash allows managing all these points of sale by means of a single software application.
  • The interface between CompuCash and Telema ensures electronic transmission of purchase and sales invoices between the bakeries.
  • The management of Muhu Bakers uses a web application for owners that allows viewing real time information about sales and customers on a smartphone.
  • Muhu Bakers print their receipts via payment terminals. CompuCash allows printing cash receipts through payment terminals which means that there is no need for a special receipt printer.


Why did you choose CompuCash as your POS system?

Why did you choose CompuCash as your POS system?
CompuCash has been on the market for a long time and its advantages include flexibility and excellent customer service. The supplier of CompuCash was accommodating and responsive which left a good impression from the outset.

Even though the CompuCash user interface requires some modernisation, the functionality and technical capabilities of the software are outstanding. For instance, in our business it is essential to monitor the source of flour that is mixed with leaven to make dough in the bakeries. CompuCash combines the central warehouse and production facilities to allow easily monitoring the movement of products.

Another benefit are sales reports that provide the owner with all the necessary information without having to submit queries to the system. The necessary information is compiled automatically to save valuable time.

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    CompuCash is designed to simplify sales processes, avoid loss of money and goods, control and monitor your business, integrate your work flows, and enable optimal customer service.
    CompuAccess is a convenient solution for planning work schedules and measuring actual work time that includes automated functions as well as detailed functions for different types of work. Meaningful reports for making smart decisions and providing valuable input for payroll accounting.
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