Hilding Anders Baltic manufacturers mattresses and markets them in Estonia under the Sleepwell brand. Sleepwell is the largest supplier of mattresses on the Estonian market. Their products are characterised by an elegant Nordic design and bespoke materials.

CompuAccess offers

One of Sleepwell’s main priorities is the timely fulfilment of customers’ orders. The company knows precisely what the work time management system should do.
To ensure smooth operation and make optimal management decisions Sleepwell required a system that includes three components:

  • Real time display of information related to work processes
  • Real time display of productivity indicators on a large screen
  • Flexible queries, i.e. compilation of desired reports

Ektaco’s latest product – CompuAccess – met those expectations and noe the factory has ten wall-mounted terminals where hundreds of employees working in shifts clock in and out, and record their lunch breaks. The system records information across various types of work.

Additionally, the company has installed two large wall-mounted screens with that display real time indicators related to production. These large screens have become essential tools for holding daily meetings.
Hilding Anders Baltic Financial Controller Tõnis is happy to note that the administrative staff can save time by using CompuAccess. This is because CompuAccess can be integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. And the data serve as an input for payroll accounting software.
Tõnis is also satisfied with the web environment of CompuAccess that is convenient and logical for end users.
“It is not an “Apple” product yet but Ektaco has taken into account our improvement ideas and implemented them without delay.”
Heads of department and team leaders see CompuAccess as a useful tool for planning, manufacturing and routine inventory management. The reports provide corporate management with thorough information and solid input for decision-making.
“All our managers have access to CompuAccess data. And because everyone can see the same data we can rule out human error in drafting our reports.”

With the added functionality for registering and planning the movement of employees between departments Sleepwell now has at its disposal an easy to use tool that allows all managers to see the information they need.

Can be linked to Columbus payroll accounting software

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    CompuCash is designed to simplify sales processes, avoid loss of money and goods, control and monitor your business, integrate your work flows, and enable optimal customer service.
    CompuAccess is a convenient solution for planning work schedules and measuring actual work time that includes automated functions as well as detailed functions for different types of work. Meaningful reports for making smart decisions and providing valuable input for payroll accounting.
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