Reval Cafe

Estonian cafeteria chain Reval Café has been using CompuCash for years.

Reval Café is a unique cafeteria chain in Tallinn that currently has 16 cafeterias.


  • 16 coffee shops
  • 15 years experience

CompuCash offers

  • Ability to manage all cafes through one software.
  • In addition to comprehensive reporting and warehouse management, CompuCash allows a single customer card to be used in all cafés and gives an option to use gift cards working in in the same principle as credit cards.
  •  The loyalty system is based on an ID card and is part of the CompuCash software.
  •  Additionally, cafes use the integration for electronic delivery notes, saving time on entering the delivery notes, and invoices to the system.

In addition to regular cafeterias, we have installed a self-service coffee corner in the Reval Café Swedbank office building. It would be unreasonable to hire a waiter to work there and self-service checkout is used instead.

According to Rene Treifeldt, a representative of Reval Café, this is a valuable solution, because only people who have access to this cafeteria corner, are Swedbank employees and their guests. Otherwise this is a closed office building and there are no employees to take payments. In the coffee corner the only option to pay for the services is using the contactless payment option, that also means that the amount of the purchase cannot exceed 25 euros.

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