Voting system

Since 1996, Ektaco has been developing and maintaining the voting and conference systems at the Estonian Parliament and subsequently at the Tallinn City Council.

To manage the sessions, software solutions have been developed for:

  • The chairperson who chairs the meetings of delegates
  • The operator who manages the technical functioning of the voting system as requested by the chairperson
  • The delivery man who provides support for the session participants
  • The information display which is used to inform about the session’s voting results, requests for statements, requests for comments, etc.
  • The system administrator who manages the settings and basic data
  • Delegates who can use their desktop control panels to express requests to speak, make speeches and vote

The voting system is usually interfaced with systems for document management, recording of minutes, subtitling, and camera control. The interfaces allow loading the session information in the voting system and returning the created data (voting results, etc). The command to open the microphone also focuses the camera on the speaker. All this simplifies various types of broadcasting in television and Internet environments.

The level of system automation has been maximised.
The delegate’s desk features a control panel with an information display which allows:

  • submitting and withdrawing requests for statements and requests for speech
  • voting
  • calling for delivery man
  • browsing the agendas
  • viewing detailed voting results, etc.

The control box consists of:

  • LED-backlit LCD touch screen of a size requested by the user
  • CPU module running on Linux
  • smartcard reader which supports ID cards or a fingerprint reader
  • microphone with an amplifier and indicator lamps
  • loudspeaker
  • energy-saving desk lamp with a LED module

Ektaco has also carried out hardware-specific programming work along with interfacing with the superstructure of the system.

Investments in specialised voting systems allow the state and local government bodies to improve the quality and effectiveness of decision-making procedures employing modern IT facilities.

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