CompuCash brings rural tourism into the digital era

Rural tourism is booming in Lithuania and CompuCash partner in Lithuania, Empirija LTD, just kick-started a new project – `Reservations management system in rural tourism sector`.

“Keružė“,which is located in Dzūkijos National Park, is the first rural tourism business to implement CompuCash system. The testimony from the client says, that this is the most reliable and most convenient reservations management program. It not only makes everyday tasks much easier but also helps to avoid mistakes and keeps smooth workflow.

Nowadays one of the newest and most popular businesses in Lithuania is rural tourism. Although it‘s still a new sector, but it already has its own traditions, features and expanding client base. Many people living in the cities and having at least average income, choose rural tourism as their weekend break to be closer to nature and relax from all the rush and noise in the city while spending their time swimming in the lake, taking a nice walk in the forest or doing other activities. We are much more willing to spend our holidays or weekends in a quiet and nice place, rather than going to busy and affluent destinations, and rural tourism can anticipate our needs.   

CompuCash is designed and adapted to make everyday tasks simple. The operation of the system is very simple and is suitable for a wide range of clients, never mind their age or IT skills. The most important feature is simplicity and time saving.

CompuCash gives an opportunity to use the following features:

  • Booking rooms
  • Managing reservations
  • Rooms/cottage availability
  • Calendar
  • Renting additional equipment (boats, water bikes, saunas, tubs, etc.)
  • Pre-bills and final payments
  • Customer profile (name, surname, year of birth, phone number, email and country of residence)

This system is designed to optimize and ease the workload during peak times and busy season as well as get all the advantages the new technologies can provide.

From now on you can forget writing everything in the diaries or note books, making adjustments, crossing information over, re-doing it again and eventually unavoidable mistakes. There won‘t be

There will be no more mistakes and, what’s even more important, no more wasting precious time by writing everything by hand in the diaries. It all leads to quick and efficient management of your business and your time schedule. 

Our clients will also have the opportunity to look at the reports and do their own research to improve their business. The system will give an opportunity to see how many people visited the site, what was the demand for the room booking and how many rooms were not booked on peak times also to see what client base is more likely to visit the business (families with children, singles, couples, etc.). All the information which will be needed to improve the business next season and implement changes, will be available just with one click of the button.

CompuCash partner in Lithuania, Empirija, is focusing on the growing rural tourism sector this spring and sees it a great opportunity to expand their sales and become even better partner for CompuCash.

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