CompuCash enjoyed in Lithuania

The reseller of CompuCash in Lithuania, the team of  JSC “Empirija“ is glad to introduce you one of their loyal customer,  the restaurant “Blue Lotus“ based in Vilnius, Totorių st. 16.

India and Thailand have been famous for their long-lasting tradition of creating culinary arts. Restaurant “Blue Lotus” was opened especially to bring at least a little flavor of this art to Vilnius. Restaurant customers love to combine Thai and Indian cuisine, while the restaurant staff maintains the highest quality and authenticity of the food. We invite you to visit and taste delicious dishes that are prepared by three competent chefs from India and Nepal who have mastered their skills in the kitchen to the perfection.

The restaurant group works successfully also in three other restaurants – Villa Thai, Ginger Cafe and Ingver, based in Tallinn.

The restaurant „Blue Lotus“ has been successfully working with the point-of-sale system, CompuCash, already for three years.

According to the owners of „Blue Lotus“ CompuCash enables to manage the work of the restaurant quickly, conveniently and without errors.

CompuCash POS system provides quick and reliable management tools for their stock optimization. While reaching the minimum quantity of supplies needed, the program informs the restaurant staff about to take action. A wide range of reports by time, date and other criteria allows smooth and smart management of the restaurant activities.

This business management system allows the restaurant „Blue Lotus“ to optimize their workflow better and quicker, manage and monitor restaurant activities, reduce costs, save time and expenses and aspire for perfection with the support of clever reports. The latter can be viewed by the owners and manager online through CompuCash app in a suitable device.

Real-time POS and business management system Compucash is daily used by 15 000 people in restaurants, cafes, shops and service centers in Europe and United Arab Emirates. The users describe it as “extremely easy to use, effective and saving time and costs”. It is also preferred to others because of its wide selection of functionality, e.g. kitchen display, mobile app for taking orders from tables in terraces, CRM, etc.

The advantages of CompuCash:

  1. Simple and convenient use
  2. Real-time control
  3. Video integration
  4. Wide functionality
  5. Recipes and calculations of ingredients
  6. Sales promotions
  7. Various sales reports

Reach your goals quicker and more efficiently with the help of CompuCash.

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    CompuCash is designed to simplify sales processes, avoid loss of money and goods, control and monitor your business, integrate your work flows, and enable optimal customer service.
    CompuAccess is a convenient solution for planning work schedules and measuring actual work time that includes automated functions as well as detailed functions for different types of work. Meaningful reports for making smart decisions and providing valuable input for payroll accounting.
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