CompuCash POS app

Two mobile solutions (for iOS and Android) to speed your sales:

  • CompuCash Waiter is an app for restaurants and cafes to take orders smoothly from the tables and send straight to their bar or kitchen. The Waiter is integrated with CC4000 Windows POS’es. 
  • CompuCash POS app is a new generation independent POS solution.  Its functionality is still limited but you can nicely sell with it, it’s proved by our clients.

For the restaurants serving at tables and wishing to continue using CC4000 Windows POS as well, CompuCash Waiter, will be a great solution. In several popular places the new solution has already proved itself. Managers and waiters/waitresses are satisfied, the order insertion speed has increased and usability is better, occurs less mistakes and the waiting time for dishes has decreased.

CompuCash Waiter app is meant for restaurants and cafes who serve their customers at tables to insert the orders quickly and smoothly.  The Waiter is integrated with CC4000 POS’es (open invoices, orders, shifts). The solution is meant primarily as an extension for the popular CC4000 POS system. Closing the bills takes place in CC4000 POS.

What can you do with CompuCash Waiter, i.e. the mobile order taking solution?

  • take orders from a table or for home delivery
  • insert the number of people in the table
  • the orders will go straight to your kitchen or bar and the waiter can continue to the next table and the next order
  • the order can be taken client by client if you wish so and also add the courses
  • You can change the order if needed
  • add special wishes to the food and drinks or a remark for a table of an invoice
  • add food and drinks scrolling the panel or with each search option


If you have got a café or restaurant serving at the tables and a summer terrace or several floors or rooms, it is a great opportunity to add CompuCash Waiter for your present CC4000 solution and serve your clients quicker. Take contact with us and let’s arrange it.

CompuCash POS app is a new generation mobile POS. Its functionality is still limited but you can do all main sales activities very smoothly with it. In case you already use CC4000 Windows POS’es then the new app can be used in your new location of foodtruck. Open invoices, orders and shifts are not yet integrated with CC4000 POS’es, but it will be done in some time. The storage and reports can be nicely seen in your CC4000 office or the new web based CC5 office solution –

CompuCash POS has been in active use at large concerts, Bon Jovi and Metallica, I Land Sound festival and they are also enjoyed by the roof café in Viru  centre, Misada Foodtruck and Beach Café in Kauksi.

The new CompuCash POS app is nicely working together with CC4000 office and of course also with the webbased CC5 office. In the latter one can create new product groups and products with prices and recipes and use the detailed reports and dashboard for management. We are developing the discounts module and the register of invoices at the moment, so these will be available in due time.

What can you do with CompuCash POS, i.e. the tablet POS?

  • all that you can do with CompuCash Waiter (see above)
  • choose quickly the product your client wants to buy
  • process the cash payment of a client
  • accept the bank card payment and process it quickly thanks to its integration with the bank terminal
  • send the order to the kitchen printer
  • print the interim cheque and the final receipt

In case you are opening a new place and wish to be up-to-date and use modern easy to use tools – take contact with us and let’s find the best solution with CompuCash POS for you.


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    CompuCash is designed to simplify sales processes, avoid loss of money and goods, control and monitor your business, integrate your work flows, and enable optimal customer service.
    CompuAccess is a convenient solution for planning work schedules and measuring actual work time that includes automated functions as well as detailed functions for different types of work. Meaningful reports for making smart decisions and providing valuable input for payroll accounting.
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