CompuCash POS system entered the world foodie capital

Saying Dubai most of us imagine palm trees, hot weather and luxury of the Emirates. On top of that Dubai has become a foodie capital with four new eateries opening every day. 

While before the restaurants and cafes in Dubai could also manage with cash or just a cash machine then now, when from 2018 there is a value added tax implemented in the United Arab Emirates 1st time in the history, a comfortable and reliable cash system is becoming essential. 

From January this year the restaurants in the United Arab Emirates can also enjoy the quickness and rich functionality of the European POS system that’s especially popular among restaurants, cafes and also well-known brands shops. 

CEO of Ektaco, Kaido Jelle, confirms that the first CompuCash customers in Dubai are giving positive feedback, especially about the reliability of the system and its warehouse management module. Mr Jelle is proud that with such a short time Ektaco’s reseller in Dubai, Fintech, has successfully launched and made first installations. 

Fintech was established by two entrepreneurs from Dubai. „Ingrid Dabbas and Zeid Alwahidy came across CompuCash POS systems during their numerous visits to Estonia as they are both married to Estonian ladies and spend almost every summer there. The reason why they believed in the product is that they are very impressed by Estonia’s advanced tech sector and active business community. They believe that the Estonian products are capable to compete with global brands across the Gulf Countries. They approached Ektaco to represent the company in the UAE and since then they established a solid partnership that led to launching CompuCash in the UAE in January 2018.“ explained Mr Jelle the way to the market in Dubai.  

Despite this short time, Fintech has been able to sell CompuCash to several cool cafes in restaurants like Friends Avenue in Dubai, La Villa in Ajman, Mail Room in Sharjah and Baker & Spice. In addition CompuCash is already in use in several garments outlet shops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

Fintech is determined to continue to promote CompuCash in the UAE and across the Middle East and will continue to strengthen the partnership with Ektaco to open new markets for the highly advanced and competitive CompuCash brand. The restaurants only in Dubia receive 1.1 million visitors per month. „It is a powerful market with plenty of opportunities“, Mr Jelle is full of hopes. 

Ektaco has been developing POS systems starting from 1990s. By now CompuCash has obtained a leading position in its home market, Estonia, and is also sold in Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. Lately a new generation of mobile dashboard for restaurant, café and shop managers was launched and CompuCash mobile version will get a fresh look and UX by the summer. 

Ektaco Ltd is developing and selling point-of-sale, access control, work time management and automation solutions. Ektaco’s strength lies in deep know-how in connecting soft- and hardware and long-term collaboration with its customers to develop the products. 

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