Meeting and conference systems

Established in 1989, Ektaco AS is a unique company in Estonia with years of experience software and hardware development and integration in the fields of automation and IT.

In Estonia, Ektaco has won the open public tenders for voting systems for nearly two decades, and today, the integrated session management systems developed by us are operational:

  • from August 2012, at the Estonian Parliament
  • from August 2015, at the Tallinn City Council
  • from August 2020, Remote delegate application at t he Estonian Parliament

It is a secure automated session administration and management system and consists of different workplaces:

  • chairperson of the session or conference
  • delegates, participants
  • administrator – operator (can be combined with the chairperson’s workplace)
  • messenger/secretary (where necessary)
  • rostrum

The system can be designed to rely on the cloud technology, it can be used as a conference system application, and it can be interconnected with the information system elements used within the organisation.

Features offered by the system:

  • Smooth management of the session

    All requests and speeches are recorded electronically. Notifying the speaker that the time limit is running out. Conduct of votes and real-time display of results. Swift and operational changes during the session. The minutes of the session are created automatically.

    According to estimates, an organisation may save up to one third of the working hours or labour, if the system interconnections and procedures are consistently implemented.

  • Automatic recording and switching between views

    Automatic video recording and switching between views ensures a high-quality video, camera is automatically directed to the speaker. There is no need for a camera operator which means cost savings. The video can be broadcast in real time over the web, and the web archive can be viewed retrospectively.

    Automatic audio recording  allows to create a separate audio recording based on the video with the advantage being a smaller file size. The archive can be listened to retrospectively.

    Stenographic records of speeches can be automatically generated. The system automatically adds the names of speakers at the start and end of speeches. In cases of increased public interest, quotes are easier to extract from the stenographic records.

  • Lower consumption of paper

    Can be used for conducting sessions and as a conference system – the session rooms are often used for other purposes too. We have kept this in mind – the delegates’ units can be removed from the desks where necessary.

    Adjustable – the system can be adapted to your needs so that you would not have to adapt to the system requirements.

    Compatibility – if you already use a document man-agement system where you created agendas and record the minutes of sessions, we can easily create a tailored interface for you.


Conceptual scheme of the system

Conceptual scheme of the system

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