Mustamäe Entertainment Centre using CompuCash and CompuAccess

Mustamäe Elamuste Keskus (Entertainment Centre) has been opened in October in Mustamäe, Tallinn. This is a 13.000 sq.m. centre with a new concept that inhabits the largest spa and sauna centre in Estonia, AMB Academy bowling centre, 24-7 Fitness sports club and Trefoil trampoline centre and sports club.

For clients comfort and usability Ektaco’s CompCash POS system and CompuAccess access and locker solutions are used in all parts of the centre. Next paragraphs tell more about these technologies.

Experience Spa

The Experience Spa opened in October is the largest spa and sauna centre in Estonia with its total 21 different saunas, sports pool and kids pool.

The spa is using the electronic bracelets that allow to:

  • lock one’s wardrobe lockers;
  • make purchase in the spa;
  • activate access for the doors and turnstiles;
  • differentiate zones to make it possible to sell combo tickets with an access to one or several or all zones;
  • automatic electronic bracelet eater;
  • joint payment for the purchases on several bracelets.

Electronic bracelets and access in the turnstiles are activates through the point-of-sale system. The CompuCash system also allows arranging bookings of services, incl. massage, rooms for your kid’s birthday party.

24-7 Fitness

24-7 Fitness sports club offers round the clock equipped gym and a wide range of group trainings. It can function round the clock due to its self-service concept.

To become the club member one needs to fulfil the form on their homepage and the club will send the new client a contactless card. This makes it possible for the client to enter the sports club at any time. There is no need to have an administrator in the sports club to arrange access into the wardrobe and gym – client can do it by him/herself.  

CompuCash system is the centre for client management that creates a new contract based on the chosen package and payment and sends the needed invoice.

CompuCash system is also integrated with a book-keeping software, Directo, that makes it possible to automate monthly invoicing of your clients.

Provided that a client has chosen the option to pay with a standing payment order an e-invoice is sent to the bank of the client and the needed sum is automatically transferred from his/her bank account. This guarantees in time payments and time is saved for both,  sports club personnel and the client.

In the future one can enter the sports club also with a mobile app, so that the clients do not need to carry the contactless card with them.

AMB Academy Bowling

A bowling centre, technically the most modern and the only one with 16 tracks in Estonia, can inhabit hundreds of visitors. One can arrange events and birthday parties in the bowling centre and all the managements of bookings, sales and access is handled by CompuCash.

The system allows you to pre-order food and drinks to make your visit even more convenient.

A special innovation for the AMB Academy Bowling is using the modern KDS (Kitchen Display System).

CompuCash KDS advantages are:

  • quick communication between the kitchen and waiters;
  • cooks have a better overview of the courses to be prepared;
  • increase of the service speed as the information about the dish ready gets to the waiters within seconds;
  • thanks to the filter system cooks can easily find out how many of the same dish should be prepared;
  • it gives a thorough statistics about the cooking time of different dishes.

Regular visitors can also enjoy bonuses of the bowling centre thanks to the loyalty functionality in CompuCash. Instead of the traditional loyalty card CompuCash can also detect loyal customers based in their ID-card.

Trefoil Trampoline Centre and Sports Club

The 2nd floor of the Entertainment Centre locates the trampoline centre for the whole family and the most modern sports hall in the Baltics. The sports centre is mainly for the professionals but the trampoline centre can inhabit events and birthday parties for kids and grownups.

The access doors of the trampoline centre have CompuAccess controllers that are fully integrated with CompuCash point-of-sale system. This means that one can manage the access and activities of its guests inside one system.

Ticket sales and booking of events and anniversaries is handled through CompuCash. In the future the CompuCash will be integrated also with the web-based booking, so that the guests can handle it by themselves.

As you can see from the Mustamäe Entertainment Centre example then the products of Ektaco support each other and add functionalities. You are welcome to register for a free demo to find out how CompuCash and CompuAccess can smooth and speed up your business.

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