Access control systems

The functional access control system is designed in line with the needs of your business. Access control systems can be integrated with other solutions from Ektaco: work time accounting, locking system for lockers, video surveillance, POS and/or reservation system.

Access control system

An access control solution for your employees and/or customers – for indoor premises, entrance doors or parking lot – allows access to authorised persons only. Further, access control systems can be connected to turnstiles, doors, gates and elevators. Entry requires a mobile phone, card, wristband or fingerprint and the system automatically verifies the individual’s access rights and sends a signal to the connected device.

For automated access control we offer premium equipment from the Austrian manufacturer Gotschlich which has been on the market since 1974.


Benefits of access control systems

  • Provides quick and convenient access to premises only for authorised individuals whilst helping enhance service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Effective management of processes – provides information about the number of visitors and the presence of staff
  • A single system controls access at multiple doors which means that you no longer need to carry various keys
  • Access rights can be granted temporarily or on hourly basis so it is ideal for visitors
  • Access rights can be revoked at any time (for instance, a staff member leaves employment or loses his/her access card)
  • The system immediately notifies of expired or unauthorised access rights so that these can be instantly extended as necessary
  • The system registers all movements to allow subsequent compilation of statistics or reports

Who could benefit from Ektaco’s POS and access control systems?

Access control systems are an ideal solution for:

  • Sports clubs, spas and swimming pool facilities
  • Museums and libraries
  • Entertainment centres
  • Camping & hiking resorts, ski resorts and wellness centres

Ektaco’s work time management and access control systems are perfect for:

  • Manufacturing sector businesses

An access control system is a great tool for speeding up customer service and granting your customers the required access rights without the need for a ticket or a key. The staff of manufacturing plants can readily access the necessary premises and businesses can easily monitor the presence of employees and their movements at the workplace.

Why choose Ektaco?

Ektaco is focused on maximising your profitability by offering various secure and convenient technological solutions, including access control systems. We started developing, designing and installing access control software and hardware already in mid-1990s and have become one of the most successful suppliers of access control systems in Estonia. In addition, our highly qualified specialists can provide upgrades and maintenance.

Please feel free to contact us so that together we could tailor a solution to meet your every need.


Easy to integrate


Our access control systems are used by:

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