Self-service cash registers

A self-service solution that customers can operate without any intervention from a salesperson or service staff.

Self-service cash registers

Self-service cash registers reduce the amount of time spent on selling a product or service whereas integration with accounting software improves the efficiency of operations related to the transmission of accounting documents.
Catering establishments will have shorter queues during rush hours.

Functionality of self-service cash registers:

  • The user interface for purchasing products/services is available in four languages: Estonian, English, Russian and Finnish
  • Both traditional card payments and contactless payments are supported
  • Self-service cash registers can be built into the wall (similarly to ATMs) or placed on a stand either indoors and outdoors
  • Self-service cash registers can be connected to a scale so that customers at your shop or diner can buy products sold by weight
  • The POS system (CompuCash) can be integrated with accounting software
  • The POS system’s user interface is simple and reliable
  • The administrator of the POS system can create and modify product names and prices, and, for instance, you can sell products at regular as well as discounted prices

Diners and cafés:

  • You can offer a self-service cash register as a complementary solution to shorten queues during rush hours
  • Self-service POS systems can be combined with a scale

Museums, entertainment centres and sports clubs:

  • You can offer a self-service cash register as a complementary solution to shorten queues during rush hours
  • Alternatively, we offer a complete self-service solution that allows eliminating all staff at your sports club

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