Video surveillance

Modern video surveillance cameras ensure safety for your business and allow monitoring.

Surveillance cameras

It is always unpleasant to handle misunderstandings with your customers or staff members. Normally these amount to “your word against mine” situations where both parties involved claim something and it is impossible for third parties to ascertain the truth – except if there is a surveillance camera installed.

We offer a turnkey solution that involves design, cabling, installation, setting up and integration. Bespoke Hikvision equipment from our partner BK Eesti.
The surveillance system can be integrated with Ektaco’s access control and POS systems to make it really easy to find specific sections of the video recording that relate to specific events.

Surveillance cameras that we recommend to be used in combination with the CompuCash POS system support high resolutions that allow even identifying the denomination of bills handled at the cash register.

Surveillance camera recordings provide an overview of all events that take place on the premises used for customer service, It goes without saying that nobody would be able to go through all the recordings – therefore, we offer specialised software capable of analysing the activities of service staff and providing hints if certain operations are repeated abnormally often or take longer than usual, for instance. The surveillance camera is almost unnoticeable for the service staff and customers so as not to cause the annoying feeling that someone is always watching you.

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