Values of a digital stamp card

A stamp card is an ideal opportunity to create your regular client base. Many places use paper stamp cards that unfortunately are not good enough. In several cases a client uses his/her card and has to start it all over, or does not have it with him/her and gets a sad experience due to that.

CompuCash point of sale system is offering you a secure digital stamp card opportunity that does not need a client to have something extra with him/her and also more comfortable for your waiters.

The stamp card is an easy way to motivate clients to become connected with your place. In lunch canteens, cafes, and why not also in restaurants, one can offer campaigns like “each tenth lunch for free”, “each fifth coffee for free”, “each tenth pizza for free”, etc. The only limit of these campaigns is your fantasy. You can also raise your client’s motivation with a gift of a couple of stamps for the start.

In case you use a manually stamped card you do not have a good overview how many of the cards are in the hand of your clients, how many stamps are already gathered, etc. It also does not help you to find out fraud of faking cards or stamps.

A digital stamp card means that all the information about the stamps is handled in the point-of-sale system. The point of sale system identifies the client and keeps track about his/her stamps. This kind of digital and personalised solution makes it much more secure for you. In addition the CompuCash point of sale system solution is also easier to use as you can use the existing loyalty cards and no need to stamp anything physically.

You can use different identification options for digital stamp cards in CompuCash, incl. an ID-card, magnetic card or m-Tasku solution (a mobile loyalty card). The system is simple. You can set how many points or stamps are gathered from different items you sell and what will the customers get in return for these stamps or points. You can also set what exactly your clients can get for free or with a reduced price.

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