General POS related actions

Actions #

Actions panel is visible once the user has logged into the POS.

Waiter #

1 – Cash in is used when cash is inserted into the cash drawer outside sales

2 – Cash out is used when cash is taken out of the cash drawer, for example when ending a shift

3 – Button to end waiter shift

4 – Access to users current shift information

5 – Access to payments report for opened user or POS shift


1 – Reset invoices will delete all unsent invoices, should only be used after consulting Ektaco Support

2 – Refresh data is used to download new info, this has to be done to see any changes(buttons, products, discounts etc).

3 – Button to end POS shift

4 – Options to disconnect POS connection, will disconnect the POS from company database

Hardware #

All external devices connected to the POS are listed, also new hardware like printers, scanners or bank terminals can be added from there.

Terminal #

Actions for bank terminal like managing recent bank transactions can be done under terminal. Additionally the IP address for the bank terminal can be set.

History #

Under history there’s an option to print previous invoice receipt. Additionally, when user group allows an extended history for printing receipts will be available.

Info #

Info is only visible when the user is logged out.

Info displays general information about the POS such as the company and the software versions.

Examples #

Example 1: Refreshing POS data