Purchases contain all purchase-related documents, mainly purchase invoices, delivery notes from suppliers but also purchase orders.

Filtering #

By default purchase documents made in the last 2 months are displayed. Under filters this range can be changed, also filtering can be used to specify the store, supplier or the type of purchase document.

Creating a document #

New documents can be created by clicking on “New document”.

1 – Document number is an identifier for the document and should be unique, can also include letters

2 – Document date is the date the purchase will show on reports, useful when the order isn’t inserted to Compucash right after arrival

3 – Type for the purchase document, Delivery note/Purchase invoice is for usual invoices from the supplier, Purchase order is for when electronic invoices are active

4 – Supplier is who the invoice is from, if a supplier doesn’t exist under the suppliers selection they have to be created beforehand under “Inventory” and “Suppliers”

5 – Store to selects to which store the products will be added

6 – Search function to add products to the document

7 – Quantity of product that will be added to the store

8 – Price of unit, this will affect the net price of the product

9 – Save button to save changes, the document has to be saved before it can be accepted

10 – Accept button that will add the products to store, after this no more changes can be made to the document, this action cannot be undone

11 – Additional options for creating a copy of the document, export it to PDF or delete the document entirely. Option to delete will become unavailable after accepting the document. Deleting cannot be undone.

Crediting and copying a document #

When mistakes like incorrect products/prices/quantities are discovered on the document after it has been accepted crediting and copying can be used to fix the mistake. To fix the mistakes these steps can be followed:

  1. Credit a delivery note
  2. Accept the credit delivery note, changes shouldn’t be made on the credit delivery note
  3. Create a copy of the original delivery note
  4. Fix the mistakes on the copy
  5. Accept the copy

A document can either be credited by hovering on it in the list

Or either by opening up the document and clicking on additional options and “Credit”.